1,200 HP Twin-turbo Lamborghini Aventador by Underground Racing

11 Jun 2012 1:39 am | Cars, Lamborghini

Underground Racing is a North-Carolina-based tuner which became pretty famous around the world for designing and building twin-turbo systems for all sorts of cars and supercars. They’ve recently put together a program for the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4.

They’ve started the project right at the moment when the first Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 went out the factory’s doors. They’ve quickly admitted the program has met a load of difficulties because the specialists from Lamborghini have done all their best to make the car unchangeable, but, with a few compromises, they’ve managed to go past that.

The package will only be available as a full Aventador twin-turbo engine rebuild: “For now, the UR TT Aventadors will only be released with full engine builds. Through our research, we have found certain conditions that make this a requirement.”

They’ve recently finished a model that proves their capability, along with some mind-whopping figures. Having equipped the car with OEM street tires on regular roads and normal air pressure, their tweaked up version of the Aventador reached 62 mph from a standstill in a stunning 2.2 seconds, partly because of the Underground Racing’s Quickshift upgrade for the shifting speed.

They’re unofficially estimating the maximum output of the engine at around 1200 HP at the wheel. For now, this is all they’ve shared. Keep browsing through our pages in case we bring you more videos of the twin-turbo Aventador LP700-4 – they’ve promised to release some more.