2013 Range Rover Evoque RS250 Orkney Grey By Kahn Design

6 Jun 2013 1:40 am | Cars, Land Rover

After having lifted the veil off a Fuji White Range Rover Evoque RS250 some weeks ago, Kahn Design has now come forth with a brand new project related to the same car model. Dyed with the unique Orkney Grey, the SUV has also received brand new trim on the inside.

The English tuner has started the project with an aerodynamic package that includes rear and front bumper covers. The wheels are new as well, the old ones having been replaced with a set of 9.5 x 22-inch RS600 ones done in matte pearl grey to match the exterior theme and Vesuvius Orange brake calipers. Inside, Kahn offers gorgeous Alcantara trim and Vesuvius Orange detailing. They’ve applied Alcantara to the transmission tunnel and dashboard, alongside additional aluminium and top-quality leather decorations.

There’s also functionality behind the exterior updates – the aerodynamic index has been raised thanks to the rear and front bumpers’ integrated vents. In addition, the mesh of the front bumper was painted in matte black and silver, while its central section got garnished with graphic and 3D mesh inserts. The front grille has received similar tri-dimensional mesh, while the said vents were decked with copper inserts which match the Orkney Grey paint. As a last minute touch, Kahn designers have also considered the privacy of the passengers therefore they’ve tinted the windows.

The single upgrade related to the engine improves its sound – a twin-crosshair exhaust system done in matte black.

[Kahn Design]