2014 Ferrari 458 Speciale Stage 1 by Novitec Rosso

17 Jan 2014 6:58 pm | Cars, Featured, Ferrari

The Ferrari 458 Italia Speciale is one sweet, lean driving machine. A true super-car, everything you want in a Ferrari this side of the LaFerrari. It’s powerful, limited, and a real treat to look at. The Ferrari 458 Speciale is every bit worthy of that nickname. So, there’s no surprise that this super-car attracts plenty of attention, especially from aftermarket companies. Such is the case with Novitec Rosso.

Novitec Rosso is one of the first tuners to get its hands on a Ferrari 458 Speciale, which is not bad news since we all know the end results when it fiddles around with a Ferrari. Particularly, the 458 Speciale got a Stage 1 kit from Novitec, which basically means the Ferrari got a simple engine tune and a new set of wheels – Novitec increased the power output from 600 horsepower to 622 horsepower.

I’m not disappointed, since I’m sure Novitec has got bigger surprises in  store for the near future. I think they were just having fun with this Ferrari, and it shows since it came out beautifully. Don’t forget the custom set of Novitec NF4 forged wheels, finished in black with bright yellow rims, and blacked out taillights. All in all, the mods fit perfectly, and the Ferrari looks great; and I’m really looking forward to the Stage 2 or possibly Stage 3 upgrade kit. That sounds promising.. and interesting!