2015 BMW i8 by AC Schnitzer

19 May 2015 5:31 pm | BMW, Cars, Featured, Luxury Cars


2015 BMW i8 by AC Schnitzer

In all honesty, it is surprising how long we had to wait for the AC’s version of the i8. However, now that it’s here, we have to say that it was worth the wait. The changes include carbon fiber aero elements, wheels, suspension and interior upgrades, along with some other upgrades expected to come a bit later.

The prospective upgrades are concerned with the power upgrade, since the 3-cylinder might be tweaked for more power, but for the time being, the AC Schnitzer’s upgrades for the i8 are all design oriented.


The front spoiler is now made of carbon fiber, as are the side skirts and rear wing. All of these elements have been tastefully incorporated into the general design direction. On the inside, the materials include aluminum for the pedals and foot rest and velour for the designated floor mats.

AC used their own springs and they lowered the entire car significantly, emphasizing the 21” five spoke wheels, which are as much as 30% lighter than the original ones. Up the power, AC Schnitzer, and the i8 will be perfect.