2016 BMW Series 7 Revealed

15 Jun 2015 7:07 pm | BMW, Cars, Featured, Luxury Cars

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2016 BMW Series 7 Revealed

The BMW 7 has always been somewhat away from the general BMW philosophy. It was supposed to serve as a luxury limo, like the Mercedes S-Class, rather than a sports sedan like most of the other cars made by the same manufacturer.

The latest version looks a lot like the previous one, with several styling changes which modernize the car without giving any groundbreaking solutions. The car is also a mere inch longer, but also 190 lb lighter due to carbon fiber elements in the new platform structure. Even though changes are somewhat expected with every new model in the automotive industry, lack of massive alteration is actually good here, because the car looks modern and, despite its size, sleek and stylish.


U.S. market has also seen the last of the short-wheel-base BMW 7, while it still remains as an option in Europe. There will be two powering options in the beginning – 740i V6 (3 l, 320 hp) and 750i V8 (4.4 l, 445 hp), although we do expect them to give us an Alpina V12, several diesels and a hybrid (announced with a 2 l engine) in time to come.

Comfort features are numerous. Standard air suspension, electronic dampers, active anti-roll bars and hide control all seem nice, but they also offer something called Road Preview, which should adapt the suspension settings to the road conditions ahead automatically – something that Mercedes has already offered in the S-Class.


The interior is, as expected, as plush as they get. Ionizer, optional reclining rear seats, Bowers and Wilkins audio, panoramic roof, front and rear touch screens with comfort feature controls and web surfing are great things, but they also offer an optional key fob touch screen. Is that a bit too much?