2154 Nissan GT-R by SR Auto Group

26 Jun 2014 6:00 pm | Cars, Nissan

Anyone remember the Elysium Nissan? Yup, this is it: the 2154 Nissan GT-R. Canadian tuner SR Auto Group managed to get a hold of the battered and scarred machine, and fitted it with some custom alloys, but just any wheels. This Nissan, looking like it’s been built for the zombie apocalypse, is now featuring a set of PUR Wheels’ 2WO, coated in a layer of fake rust. Sweet, aren’t they?

The R35 GT-R is the coolest high-performance car Nissan has ever made, I’m sure you’ll all agree. But since the price-tag is somewhere costing at least $100,000 in America today (€95,000 in Europe), this rusty old thing is pretty pretentious, if you ask me. There’s reason to smile, since in the year 2154 even the poorest citizens of Earth can afford it. Id’ sure love to take a ride in that Nissan.