Alfa Romeo Brera Italia Independent by Vilner

12 Sep 2014 12:34 pm | Alfa Romeo, Cars

Alfa Romeo Brera Italia Independent by Vilner is looking mighty fine, to say the least! The tuner  worked on this special project and managed to improve upon one of the most beautiful machines that Alfa Romeo has ever created. The brilliant coupe features ingenious Italian engineering, as it was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro and customized by the designers of Italia Independent. Beautiful, isn’t it?

The designers at Italia Independent have created a special edition of Brera, unique due to its titanium mat paint-job as well as its black wheels and the bloody red brake calipers with handwritten Alfa Romeo inscription. Inside the cabin, the Brera Italia Independent was fitted with carbon fiber on the center console and steering wheel, red rings on the controls and contrast red stitching. So, what’s there to imrpove upon?

Well, Vilner added a mixture of nappa leather, Alcantara and genuine snakeskin,as well as more carbon, red contrast stitching, red seat belts and embroidery that depicts East Asian dragon. The tuning garage has preserved the original ergonomic steering wheel, its carbon fiber elements and those on the center console, as well as the engraved aluminum plates built into the headrests of the front seats.

However, the tuner made sure that the seats were visually reinforced by horizontal red stripes, made of smooth nappa leather, red belts and small accents on the locking mechanisms. The mods continue on the door panels, which have been wrapped in natural black leather with contrast red stitching. The ceiling was made ​​of Alcantara and shelters an embroidered of a dragon., while the motif is continued on the backs of the front seats. There’s way too much detailing to be talking about it; this Alfa Romeo  just has to be admired!