Artisanspirits Porsche Macan Black Label

17 Aug 2015 10:47 am | Cars, Porsche


Artisanspirits Porsche Macan Black Label

Artisanspirits might be a relatively new in the world of high-quality tuning, but they’re making a name for themselves very quickly. This is so because they make tasteful upgrades of great cars making them even more unique and beautiful without going too far and destroying the good looks.


Their styling kit for the Macan is called Black Label and it includes stuff like a new diffuser and tailgate spoiler for the rear, spoiler lip for the front and side skirts flared fenders and a wide selection of wheels for the side view. Even though you can choose from many indifferent models of wheels, the OZ Racing’s black, 22” ARTISAN BOTTICELLI seem like a perfect fit.


To go with the wheels you can opt for a lowered suspension whose effects can range from 10 to 60 mm of lowering, which can have a massive impact on driving characteristics and looks as well.