Aston Martin DB9 by Carlex Design

19 May 2014 6:52 pm | Aston Martin, Cars

The Polish interior experts have been fiddling around with a British masterpiece, which is always risky business. The team has just released their interior upgrade for the Aston Martin DB9, giving the sporty cabin an entirely new and ultimately improved, feel. However, you have to wonder: would Bond.. James Bond, approve? I, for one, can’t complain.

The Aston Martin cabin incorporates black leather and Alcantara, adding a real plushness to the cabin so that the gentlemen feel right as range. Alcantara is also featured across the pillars, while contrasting gold stitching, gold accents across the dashboard and center console and seat-belts instantly reveal that this is not where you parked your car, nor is this a VW Golf.

The silver Aston Martin DB9 is stock on the outside, and there hasn’t been any work done under the bonnet. Come to think of it, why would such a car need that?