Aston Martin Rapide by Kahn Design

22 Jul 2012 11:31 pm | Aston Martin, Cars

Each time we see an Aston Martin our heart goes crazy, especially if it gets pimped up like this Rapide, patterned by the almost stereotypical Kahn. And it seems like the tuning specialists are conscious of the fact that Aston Martins are symbols of perfection on wheels, and you’d better not touch their looks too much.

They’ve decked an Aston Martin Rapide with an Onyx Black tone. The looks of the gorgeous car have actually known an improvement through the installation of a few eye-catching trims, like the bonnet vents in billet, side vent grilles toned in matte black and decked with privacy glass, front bumper grill mesh also toned in matte black and, of course, matching black brake calipers.

By far the most staggering features the car has been equipped with are the wheels – a set of 21-inch RSX-F forged alloys, garnished in platinum finish with Aston Martin original center caps to certify their provenience.

In terms of performance, there’s not much to be said – the guys from Kahn have mounted a custom exhaust system and a sports suspension kit that lowers the Rapide’s ride height. The interior is left to the customer’s choice, as it can be customized according to what the client wishes to have. Anyways, to be honest, it’s a stunning car even as stock!

[Kahn Design]