Aston Martin Vanquish by Wheelsandmore

24 Feb 2013 12:40 pm | Aston Martin, Cars, Featured

I have to start with an exclamation, coming from deep within me – this car is gorgeous! An Aston Martin Vanquish, tuned up like never before by the famous German aftermarket brand Wheelsandmore.

To be honest, the work of Wheelsandmore is not as impressive as other packages that came out of their hands, but this still is quite nice. The brand has chosen not to change anything in terms of exterior components, limiting their moves to a single pin stripe which runs all along the car, from body to wheels.

In addition, the brand is also able to provide any wishful customers with a pretty wide variety of wheels, off all sorts of sizes, colors, materials and designs. Included among these there are regular wheels, custom carbon fiber ones and even three-piece forged rims, measuring 20 and 21 inches in diameter.

The output of the 5.9-liter V12 engine under Vanquish’s bonnet has been increased by around 40 HP and 90 Nm of torque through some upgrades in terms of software and a brand new sports exhaust system. So, the Aston is now able to develop 605 HP and 710 Nm of (524 lb-ft) torque. A sports suspension kit completes the package.