Audi A3 ESET by Vilner

10 Jun 2012 1:08 am | Audi, Cars

We’ve got news from the Bulgarian aftermarket specialists at Vilner. They’ve recently presented an interesting tuning package for the Audi A3 which was premiered at the ESET World Software Conference in Bulgaria.

The aftermarket package reportedly named the Audi A3 ESET took around two months to complete. It features an exterior pearl white finish, with red / turquoise accents and gray / blue reflections. They’ve also equipped the car with a set of 17-inch alloy wheels finished in turquoise and white.

The Audi A3 ESET also boasts with InPros taillights and Hella headlights, as for the interior they’ve extensively used Alcantara and Nappa leather to cover most of it. Decked with black tones, along with turquoise trim parts, it is quite a pleasure to look at. The officials from Vilner said that the car’s dashboard and the ergonomic steering wheel are handmade.

In addition, they’ve integrated a Samsung Galaxy Android smartphone into the central console. It can serve as a display for the rear and front cameras of the car, as well as a mobile office. To go with the modern flow of the car, Vilner have also installed a Ground Zero sound system and AudioSon processor.

Sadly, the car is just a show car and will probably not go on sale. And they’re right – icons aren’t to be sold, they’re invaluable.