Audi A7 TDI by MR Racing

14 Aug 2014 6:27 pm | Audi, Cars

The Audi A7 is the embodiment of everything fast, luxurious and eccentric. Sure, we could find similar products on the market, but that’s not my point; everyone knows that Audi cars provide for a unique driving experience and that cannot be replaced by anything else. It’s an addiction, and a legal one at that. A tuning company called MR Racing probably agrees, since it feeds us this cool looking A7 project, dubbed “Das blaue Wunder”, which means “the blue wonder”.

The Audi features a two-tone matte wrap in blue and black,  while under the hood this A7 is packing, a 3.0 TDI V6. Obviously, diesel cars are not what we usually consider race-ready, but people love diesel cars these days and there’ no other brand making better engines than Audi. The tuning garage managed to improve it and enable it to develop 299 PS and 612 Nm of torque from the 3-liter using only ECU remapping.

Also worth mentioning is the KW Dynamic Level Control suspension fitted onto the Audi which is controlled via a clever smartphone app, and that gorgeous set of 21-inch concave rims hiding an optional ceramic brake system from its sporty S7 cousin, measuring a massive 400 mm at the front and 370 mm at the rear. I’m good!