Audi R8 GT by SGA Aerodynamics

13 Jun 2014 6:25 pm | Audi, Cars

Aftermarket specialists from SGA Aerodynamics have revealed an awesome black beast, their version of the Audi R8 GT. It features the tuner’s newly developed body-kit and it was dubbed simply the “XII”. According to the garage, this particular aero-kit for the Audi R8 GT actually creates more down-force on the supercar’s axles, resulting in more fun and more speed.

The Audi package includes a new front bumper with multi-level, angular air intakes and sharp blades. The Audi was also fitted with angular side skirts, a modified rear bumper with an integrated diffuser, and a rear wing. Furthermore, this incredible ride was also equipped with a bespoke sport exhaust system, courtesy of MAE Design, which comes with a valve system that’s controlled via remote.

Please observe that awesome set of 21-inch three-part forged alloys on which the Audi is riding, while the fully adjustable coil-over suspension system should provide better handling. No clue about the price-tag, but look at it.. does that really matter?!