Audi R8 by VF Engineering

13 Feb 2015 6:22 pm | Audi, Cars

If you had a bad day, chill; grab a cold one and enjoy this 800 hp Audi R8, custom work by tuning garage VF Engineering. The  supercharged Audi R8 V10 was finished in matte black, and had its new power-plant installed at ZR Auto in Calgary, Canada. In addition to its VF Engineering supercharger, intercooler and ECU tune, this R8 rides on a set of matte black ADV.1 alloys, which match perfetly.

The audi also features H&R lowering springs, which allowed for a lower ride, as well as various R8 GT exterior parts, such as the rear diffuser and tail lights. There’s nothing more to say, except this ride looks incredibly menacing, and I’m sure that there’s a soundtrack to match. The owner surely loves driving this car around town; who wouldnt?