Audi R8 White Wolf Edition by Tommy Kaira

18 Feb 2013 6:34 pm | Audi, Cars

I have to admit Tommy Kaira’s work on the Nissan GT-Rs is quite stunning and pristinely correct, but, this time, the brand has chosen to expand its expertise to the broad Audi R8 V10 Spyder. And this is how the White Wolf Edition Audi R8 was brought to life.

This stunning Audi boasts with a nicely modified body kit that comprises a brand new front bumper with larger, color-matching front splitter, new rear end with brand new rear diffuser and two additional small trunklid spoilers, as well as redesigned side skirts.

In terms of manufacture, the aforementioned body kit can either be crafted from carbon fiber or hardened plastic materials, with the carbon fiber kit costing significantly more than the plastic one. The ride of the car has also been lowered significantly, while a brand new set of 20-inch wheels has made it under the R8.