Audi RS5 Coupe by Mcchip

17 Oct 2013 6:35 pm | Audi, Cars

It seems a bit off that the Audi RS5 is keeping away form the fans wishes and doesn’t feature a turbocharging kit – especially since it’s really powering the auto industry at the moment. Maybe Audi just wants to be different, God knows they’ve always been. But, if you’re not willing for the Ingolstadt automotive giant to help you out, there are plenty of tuners out  there who will – including Mcchip and their team, that came out with new compressor kit packages for Audi.

As any proffesional, the tuner offers three tuning stages; the first includes the compressor, intercooler and an upgraded ECU. Altogether, this results in an increased output from 444hp (450PS) to 543hp (550PS) and peak torque from 429Nm to 549Nm, all for the price tag of €19,990 (US$27,000). With the Stage II kit, the RS5’s V8 will delivers you excitement and an additional 128hp (130PS) and 135Nm – 572hp (580PS) and 564Nm. The price for this particular package stands at €23,999 (US$32,400).

The final tuning stage, Stage III, is supposedly offering you a gains of 148hp (150PS) and 160Nm – 592hp (600PS) and 589Nm – for a measly amount of €26,999 (US$36,400).While the number will get you excited – not the price tag – you should know that in all three packages, top speed is electronically limited to 320km/h (199 mph). So, you probably won’t get a run for your money!