Audi RS6 Avant by Neidfaktor Hamburg

1 Oct 2013 6:08 pm | Audi, Cars

I would be tough to find out which car model or brand is the most outrageous going out of the factory or which one received the most awesome tuning packages, but it’s undeniable that  Audi rolls out cooler models every year, and that the RS6 is truly a automotive masterpiece. Although the previous generation of Audi RS6 has received much attention and aftermarket improvements, it should be clear by now that the much expected new Audi RS6 will feature high power and quality finishing. Until then will just have to settle for what’s available right now. And right now I’m excited.

Speaking of Audi tuning projects, the latest is from Neidfaktor Hamburg. The German tuner devised their own version of Audi RS6, and the package focuses on creating a higher quality series of subtle updates. This usually means that new parts are built exclusively out of carbon fiber, leather and Alcantara – which is the case here. On the outside, only a matte carbon finish was used on exterior components, while the interior was stripped of dash and materials. To finish the look, Neidfaktor Hamburg fitted an illuminated Quattro badge into the front grille of the Audi RS6 Avant.

I’m not sure if the gallery do this Audi project justice; the only remaining factory trim is the leather of the seats. The rest of the interior gets an Alcantara treatment and glossy carbon fiber trim pieces fitted to the steering wheel, the central console, the door trim and the door jambs. On the outside of the car, Neidfaktor Hamburg have fitted the Audi with a matte carbon fibre diffuser together with a set of carbon fibre tailpipes. The roof rails have also been replaced with a set of carbon fibre units, as have the side mirrors and the rear spoiler; the front mesh and air ducts completing the exterior kit.

Better yet, you’ll be happy to find out that Neidfaktor Hamburg can offer the same setup for most current Audi RS models. Surely, it will cost you a bit of time and much more money. However, taking into consideration the discreet, high quality finishing touches Neidfaktor Hamburg is capable of, I think you’ll find it’s totally worth it! Besides, the gallery clearly shows that we’re dealing with a distinguished Audi RS6, the kind you won’t forget easily; that’s the point, isn’t it?