Audi RS6 DTM by Jon Olsson

7 Apr 2015 6:33 pm | Audi, Cars

Does anyone else remember that awesome RS6-R from ABT? No matter, ’cause this ride is even more outrageous. This is the Audi RS6 DTM, imagined by Swedish freeskiing legend Jon Olsson in collaboration with former Koenigsegg chief engineer Leif Tufvesson. This should be interesting, right?

Olsson has always loved the crazy wide-body style of DTM cars and it’s been a dream of his to build a similar car for the road. The wide-body kit obviously looks brilliant, and choosing the RS6 wasn’t all that difficult. The Audi features everything you need – looks, power, plenty of room and all-wheel drive.

The engine now boasts a pair of 18 karat gold anodized TTE9XX turbochargers, meaning that it now develops 950 HP, possibly even breaking the 1,000 HP mark it were using race fuel. Jon’s going to drive this car for Team Betsafe in the Gumball 3000 Rally, which starts in Stockholm on May 23rd and ends in Las Vegas. Ready? Set? Go!