Audi RS7 by TAG Motorsports

3 Jun 2014 12:00 pm | Audi, Cars

Being that nowadays most European cars are actually Volkswagen vehicles underneath, it’s really a tough decision when opting out for the one that suites you best. Audi seems to differentiate itself from the crowd, although it follows a simple and basic formula: all-wheel-drive hatchback luxury super sedan powered by a fire-breathing twin-turbo V8. Actually, that sounds more like the Audi RS7.

The Audi looks as athletic as it is, with 560 horsepower and 516 lb.-ft of torque developed by the 4.0 liter engine; the Audi will do 0 to 60 mph in just 3.7 seconds. TAG Motorsports thought of messing about with the Audi, but didn’t actually get things done. The Nardo Grey body has remained untouched, although it now features color-matching front side marker filler plates and badges refinished in satin bronze.

The Audi has also been equipped with a gorgeous set of P44SC alloys from HRE Performance Wheels. So, I’m not sure if the team was lazy or that they simply decided that this luxury sedan does not need any more modifications. Truth be told, it looks good, regardless..