Audi S3 Sedan by ABT

7 Sep 2015 1:32 pm | Audi, Cars


Audi S3 Sedan by ABT

Downsizing, which is a somewhat forced trend in the industry, actually does wonders for technological development. The Audi S3 is a perfect example of this. Being a part of the 3-sized lineup, we expected it to have a smaller engine compared to its larger brothers. However, being a part of the S lineup, we expected it to be fun to drive and powerful. And Audi delivered.


The current S3 has the 2 l four-cylinder engine which gives you a very respectable 300 horsepower to play with. Very good job by Audi. But then, tuners from ABT got a hold of the car and made it noticeably better.

The Audi S3 by ABT now has 400 horsepower and 480 Nm of torque which brings it to 62 miles an hour in fewer than 5 seconds and that has to be fun to drive.

Exterior modifications include a set of 20” wheels, which fit the picture perfectly, and a new front grille. Lastly, if you’re not into sedans, you can get this power upgrade package for the hatchback version also.