Audi S5 by mbDESIGN and ACE

30 Jul 2015 6:24 am | Audi, Cars


Audi S5 by mbDESIGN and ACE

Take a great car, add some of the best wheels out there and spread out for a seriously expensive air suspension system and then just ruin the outcome. Yes, in my opinion, this is exactly what you do when you slam the car to this extent.


Just like anything else, going too far is rarely a good idea. Lowering the car is great. It improves handling, upgrades the looks and works particularly well with larger wheels. However, when you go this far not even the amazing mbDESIGN’s 20” wheels really help.

Reason for this is the fact that the shape of the wheels plays a big part in their appeal and this Audi S5 is so low that it actually covers the top part of the wheels. They are beautiful, as is the car, but all this together really seems out of place. What you say?