Audi S6 by TAG Motorsports

25 May 2013 7:17 am | Audi, Cars

The Audi S6 is quite a famous sports car, especially the brand new, 2013 edition, which is astoundingly fast and looks rather amazing. And there’s a lot of potential within this particular model, tuning-wise. TAG Motorsports noticed that and have put together a nice steroid treatment to make it look meaner.

There’s a raging beast hiding under the bonnet of this S6, a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 with loads of muscle to show. The folk at TAG Motorsports haven’t gone too far appearance-wise, having managed to keep this car as close to stock-like as possible. The tune is obvious, of course, but the Audi still looks quite close to standard. Starting with the suspension, the Audi S6 has been gifted with some sort of custom programmed software which provides the driver with a ride closer to the ground.

They have also tied to engine to a Milltek sports exhaust system, ensuring more roar and rumble. Furthermore, the Audi now rides on a brand new set of wheels – ADV7TS, measuring 21 inches in diameter, painted in a two-tone theme. The outer circles are superbly silvered while the multi-spoke central portions are finished in gray.