Bentley Bentayga Design by Prior Design

14 Feb 2018 5:45 am | Bentley, Cars

Bentley Bentayga Design by Prior Design

People love Bentley Bentayga and we all know Bentayga is an incredible machine, but there are still some people out there who are not exactly satisfied with this beast. The brilliant team from Prior Design seems to agree with them, which is probably why they’ve designed and made this project a reality.

The German tuning shop’s unique take on the high-riding Bentley features a PDXR widebody kit, which gives it that extra aggressiveness we all dream about every day. Constructed out of carbon fiber, this styling kit also comprises components created out of a blend of epoxy and flex resin resulting in a light, flexible yet durable design. Looking as fast as it goes, this Bentayga will definitely make its owner very happy.

Prior Design will gladly deliver a new exhaust, suspension, and wheel upgrades to go with it. Sitting on a set of its PD3Forged 20″ alloys, things are looking great for this Bentley – and none can ignore the vehicle’s luxurious cabin environment, that could be also refined a little.

We can imagine, there are many other options available for those of you who can afford them – for technical upgrades you will have to look elsewhere though. That small detail aside, it’s safe to assume this project will have any Bentley or tuning enthusiast smiling. If you’d like to find out more about costs, you will have to contact Prior Design directly, and you can know more detail about it.