Bentley Continental GT Azure Blue by Ultimate Auto

23 Sep 2013 12:50 am | Bentley, Cars

After having completed the absolutely staggering Shelby Mustang Super Snake, American car tuner and audio specialist Ultimate Auto, based in Orlando, Florida, has come up with this gorgeous Azure Blue Bentley Continental GT.

The luxury 4-wheeler received a set of Vellano wheels, measuring 22 inches in diameter and wrapped in Michelin tires, finished in chrome and the same blue that was applied to the car itself. And would you look at those blue floating center caps!

However, considering the humongous stock price tag of the Continental GT, these modifications might seem a bit brutish. But, being powered by a V8 monster, with two massive turbines, delivering a respectable 500 HP, this one might perhaps be sought after by footballers or rich young adults with no vision of elegance or style.

[Ultimate Auto]