Bentley Continental GT by Vilner Studio

17 Dec 2012 10:01 am | Bentley, Cars

What could be better than having your own Bentley Continental GT handed to the well-proven and famous Bulgarian interior specialist Vilner? These guys are brilliant when it comes to refining interiors! The purpose of the car tuner was, in fact, to “refresh the interior with the aim to make it contemporary”.

Well, even though this Bentley has never inspired vintage to us, they’ve still done a great job, having decked the car with dark brown leather and Alcantara, all spreading a chocolate impression. A superb, dark brown leather finish has also been added to the roof liner and the seats, which superbly contrast with the aforementioned tone. Furthermore, Vilner has garnished the middle section of the hue with a brighter tone of brown.

There are also a number of parts garnished with dark brown wood trim, like the central console, steering wheel, instruments and door panels, the steering wheel has been covered in brown Alcantara, while the door panels and the dashboard have been fitted with creamy-colored leather.

[Vilner Studio]