Bentley Continental GT by Vilner

4 May 2013 3:40 pm | Bentley, Cars

The Bulgarian car tuner Vilner has recently announced the introduction of a brand new aftermarket kit for the Bentley Continental GT luxury sportscar.

The guys are very famous for the staggering interior upgrades they implement into the 4-wheelers they target, but this time they’ve focused on the exterior as well. They’ve provided us with some renderings of the project, displaying a Bentley Continental GT superbly dressed up in a bespoke body kit that’s both aggressive and broad.

The wide body kit will reportedly comprise a brand new front spoiler with massive air vents for engine cooling alongside a carbon fiber inside. The Continental GT by Vilner is also fitted with carbon fiber side skirts, rear spoiler with integrated diffuser and a boot lid wing. The wider fenders included in the package provide a better air flow to the brakes, aiding the process of cooling, while the brand new sports exhaust system with 4 tailpipes, two on each side, makes the car sound a lot better.

The cabin wasn’t left untouched, Vilner folk having decked it with black leather upholstery contrasting with red accents. As soon as the package gets fully materialized, we’ll let you know.