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Kawasaki Z 1000 Café Racer by Lossa Engineering

27 Jul 2015 5:54 am | Bikes, Kawasaki

Kawasaki Z 1000 Café Racer by Lossa Engineering Apart from looking absolutely amazing, this bike also serves as a tribute to Gary Nixon. The idea was to make it look like a racing motorcycle from the 1970s, and the result is more than successful. The basis for this project was a last generation Kawasaki Z1000. Lossa Engineering made it devoid of almost all of its modern styling and angled, bug-like features and packed with retro racing details. The most notable…

Kawasaki Z1 RCM-242 by AC Sanctuary

28 Jan 2013 1:07 pm | Bikes, Kawasaki

The principle of “less is more” has long been pursued by artisans and all sorts of fabricants, in virtually any field. Even brands in the motorcycle industry have come close to such arts, just like AC Sanctuary, based in Japan. They have recently unveiled a stunning Kawasaki Z1 as proof to it. The guys at AC Sanctuary must be masters in removing parts from stuff, especially motorbikes. The idea behind this is to leave absolutely no unnecessary parts onto the…

Kawasaki Z1 by Bull Dock and Nitron

17 Dec 2012 8:08 am | Bikes, Kawasaki

During the 1970s, one of the most famous exotic motorcycles models you could see was the renowned Kawasaki Z1. And the 2-wheeler hasn’t even rusted until now, not even physically. Therefore, a Japanese workshop called Bull Dock thought of adding some lustre back to the bike, helped by a suspension manufacturer coming from the United Kingdom, called Nitron. The model was recently mentioned and described by famous magazine, Limiter. The two brands have reportedly fitted the Z1 with full Nitron…