BMW 328xi Touring by Vossen Wheels

24 Jun 2015 6:02 pm | BMW, Cars


BMW 328xi Touring by Vossen Wheels

The company name is rather misleading. Vossen Wheels might make you think that they only deal with cool wheels designs, but that’s not true.  Their latest upgrade of the BMW 328xi is a perfect example of what they are generally up to.

Their latest creation is based on the F31 BMW 3 Series.  There have been some talks about the possibility of BMW making an M3 Touring.  While the Bavarian company has been contemplating such a possibility Vossen Wheels has completed a serious competitor.


The car is finished in blue and it looks absolutely amazing.  The exterior features VFS-2 20” Satin Bronze wheels with Toyo tires and an M Performance body kit recognized by front and rear bumpers, rear wing, four tailpipes and side skirts.  In combination with the mentioned wheels, this body kit makes the car look really aggressive.


And this is good because the Dynamic Turbo package combined with GT Haus Meisterschaft exhaust system adds 90 horsepower and the same number of torques, which means that this estate has the power of the BMW M3.  Add to this the Brembo GT brakes and KW Suspension Variant 3 coilovers and there is no need to wait for the M3 Touring anymore.