BMW F10 M5 by IND

21 May 2014 6:39 pm | BMW, Cars

The F10 generation BMW M5 gave up that massive naturally aspirated V10 engine and now features a new twin-turbocharged V8 which is good news. Why? Well, it brings along endless possibilities of tuning options, giving many aftermarket firms a lot of work. One of the premiere F10 BMW M5 tuners is the IND garage, but even their team is struggling in an effort to understand and unlock the full potential of the awesome BMW sedan and its complex engine control unit.

IND has launched this smooth looking bright blue M5, dubbed Blue Deluge. It’s actually a test car for future upgrades to be offered to customers in the near future. The BMW features AMS down-pipes, larger AMG turbochargers, KW 3-way adjustable ClubSport coil-overs as well as a host of other performance mods. Obviously, this M5 stands apart due to its custom black wheels and selection of carbon fiber components;  the tuner considers the BMW far from being a complete car and will continue work on developing a version it will be satisfied by. I even love the test car, so I can’t wait for the finished product.