BMW F800 R ‘Predator’ Bike by Vilner

21 May 2012 10:30 pm | Bikes, BMW Motorcycles

Starting their incursion into the world of tuning through highly detailed and exquisite interior designs, the guys at Vilner, a Bulgarian design studio, have chosen to go beyond their limits and try to work on two-wheelers. They’ve surprisingly known how hard it is to work with motorcycles, as we can obviously see in the photos attached.

The BMW F800 R they’ve reworked teems with stylish customizations, reportedly fitting the taste of the eccentric Russian businessman, who resides and works in Bulgaria, that requested the upgrade. The design took almost six months to finish, as they’ve stated, closely collaborating with their customer.

At a closer view, the tuning company has shortened the base length of the bike by around 10 inches (25 millimeters), turning it into a single-seater. A chroming process followed, applied to some of its parts, while others were remade from carbon fiber.

Named the BMW F800 R Predator, it now has brand new front and rear lights, the front blinkers coming from a BMW Z4. In addition to the abovementioned changes, the gorgeous bike now encompasses a brand new, drumming exhaust system, plus a wider rear tire for more adherence. Weirdly, the 798cc engine of the bike, delivering 87HP, has not undergone any changes at all.