BMW i8 by Impressive Wrap

23 Jun 2015 7:13 pm | BMW, Cars, Featured, Luxury Cars


BMW i8 by Impressive Wrap

We have already featured several creations by Impressive Wrap, two of which were pretty controversial, since the cars were wrapped in materials which render them pretty useless in the outside world.  However, guys from the company really know what they’re doing and all of their cars, including the two, look absolutely amazing.

When they opted to deal with the BMW i8’s looks we thought we were in for something special and we were absolutely right.  Still, is it too much again?


The BMW i8 by Impressive Wrap is painted green the color is matte and chrome, so it’s pretty unique.  Apart from the color, you will see loads of black stripes and other black details which provide sufficient contrast to the body color.  The black features might be the best idea.  Clever placement of the stripes, for example, really complements the car’s design and emphasizes prominent and sleek styling features of the i8.  The wheels are also black which is a great idea for two reasons.  First of all, it goes well with the rest of the car and secondly, it makes the wheel design less conspicuous.