BMW Z4 by Duke Dynamics

24 Feb 2014 6:21 pm | BMW, Cars

Anyone remember that cool E52 BMW Z8 (Prototype) James Bond drove in The World is Not Enough? Now that was one sweet ride, so every time I see a new Z-series BMW, I compare it to that one. Such is the case today, when Duke Dynamics introduces their new styling program for the BMW Z4. You like?

The wide body it was designed to give the model an aggressive appearance, and I’m guessing it succeeded. It includes a new front bumper, revised side skirts and extended fenders. You’ll also notice the new rear bumper, a diffuser and a ventilated hood.

Customers may also opt out for a carbon fiber front lip spoiler and a “CSL” trunk, constructed from carbon fiber and fiberglass reinforced plastic. The BMW before you has been equipped with 20-inch SSR Executor CV01 wheels that are wrapped in Nitto Invo rubber. So, if you want one, prepare to pay for the carbon fiber body kit about $10,400 (€7,585); it is already available for order. So, which BMW is cooler?