BMW Z4 Rampant by Carlex Design

2 Jun 2015 7:24 pm | BMW, Cars


BMW Z4 Rampant by Carlex Design

Carlex design is a company that usually deals with interior modifications and they sure do know what they are doing. So, what do you do when you have an outstanding idea for interior upgrade, but the exterior doesn’t go well with it? You make the BMW Z4 Rampant.


I’m a Mercedes kind of a guy, but the Z series BMWs have always been something I love. The Z4 is an amazing successor to the previous Bavarian roadsters, but Carlex upgrades made it sooo much better looking. Let’s see what they did.

The inside features loads of Alcantara and leather, carbon fiber and a great audio system. The interior seems steamy and plush and the color patterns are just great. It seems that whatever you touch, you’ll feel soft high-class materials. Almost everything is covered in Alcantara and leather with thick, reassuring stitching.

The exterior is the result of a similar styling direction, with the same color patterns and sharpened edges. The bumpers are new and the car is adorned with various aero parts, so, having in mind all of the changes, this might be the prettiest BMW Z4 so far.