Brabus 800 – Mercedes Benz G65 AMG by Brabus

19 Apr 2015 5:24 pm | Cars, Mercedes-Benz


This is, in short, the developing route of the Brabus 800 – Mercedes Benz G65 AMG by Brabus. One of the most revered army vehicles was offered to public in 1979. Years of development only made it better, while still keeping all of the perks the original one had to offer. They brought us the wonder that the current G-Class is and then gave it to Mercedes-AMG – the venerated factory tuner. Among other G-Class models, AMG’s most advanced solution is the G65 AMG with a massive 6 l V12 engine. For people into SUVs, this was the ultimate car. And then Brabus got a hold of it.

The famed private tuner of Mercedes Benz G65 AMG cars did what they do best. They changed loads of things, increased the power output and torque, employed the WIDESTAR body kit, added loads of carbon fiber and LED lights and tweaked the interior to tell you that you are in a Brabus model.


The engine now gives a whopping 800 hp – hence the name – and it is capable of producing 1,420 Nm of torque, which is electronically limited to 1,100 Nm for the sake of the transmission, practicality and – sanity. The long wheelbase SUV weighing as much as a tanker ship can now reach 62 mph in just 4.2 seconds. The top speed is electronically limited to 155 mph, which is astonishingly easily reachable.

Carbon fiber now adorns the car’s interior and exterior as well. Inside you can find hefty red leather seats that match the red leather of the upholstery and dashboard, all with reassuring high-quality stitching.