Brabus Bullit by GAD

19 Aug 2013 6:00 pm | Cars, Mercedes-Benz

I’m quite sure everyone remembers the Mercedes CLS63 AMG that German tuner Brabus put together some while ago; if you don’t, go check it out. You know as well as I do there’s no better tuning garage equipped to handle and properly treat Mercedes cars, than Brabus; another example of that was the 2012 Brabus Bullit Coupe – the most powerful C-Class in the world, featuring a 6.3-liter V12, two turbochargers, 800HP (588kW / 789bhp) and 1,420Nm (1,047lb-ft) of torque. 0-100km/h takes 3.7 seconds, and a top speed of 370km/h (230mph). Seemed like enough to satisfy any desire.

But now, GAD Motors has prepared an aftermarket program for the Brabus Bullit C-Class Coupe. They’ve upgraded the turbos, inter-coolers, injectors and custom air box resulting in some staggering numbers: 907 HP (667 kW); torque figure has remained the same. This Brabus is said to be the fastest Mercedes-Benz ever, with a 0-186 mph (0-300 km/h) run in only 23.5 second, even faster than the 803 HP (590 kW) CLS63 by GAD. Anyone up for a test drive, to verify that?