Brabus Mercedes AMG GT First Preview

24 Sep 2015 1:07 am | Cars, Featured, Mercedes-Benz


Brabus Mercedes AMG GT First Preview

Yes, it has started. The Brabus AMG GT will see the light of the day in September 2015 at the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show and until then we shall see several previews released in installments each providing us with a better insight and a new piece of information on one of the most remarkable cars of today improved by one of the most esteemed tuners in the world.


The first preview includes two sets of wheels in white and gray respectively, which look really well on the AMG GT. The car itself is white. And, that’s it for now. However, knowing what Brabus can do, we confidently expect a complementing aero kit, bigger brakes and different suspension settings, as well as a serious upgrade of the already amazing interior of the AMG GT.


Lastly, under the hood we are sure to expect a power upgrade. The original car is powered by a 4 l twin-turbo V8 and the Brabus already has V8 engines with 600, 700 and 800 horsepower, either of which would be a great choice for the AMG GT. However, says there is still some time until September, there might be a whole new option. Anyway, we eagerly anticipate each new preview of the Brabus AMG GT.