Brabus Mercedes-Maybach

29 Jun 2015 6:35 pm | Cars, Featured, Luxury Cars, Mercedes-Benz


Brabus Mercedes-Maybach

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is already at the very top of the automotive industry. Maybach was created for those who felt that the S-Class was not plush enough, which sounds pretty ridiculous. However, this means that Maybach is even more astonishing.


Well, Brabus decided to give a significant upgrade to the Maybach. The power now comes to 900 horsepower and 1500 Nm of torque. The huge car now has the top speed of more than 350 kilometers an hour to which it is propelled by a 6.3 l V12 with two turbochargers.


Moreover, this is a Brabus and the Maybach, so the level of luxury is incredibly high. Apart from the materials, the mere sight of which is enough to tell us that this is something special, the “iBusiness” high-tech multimedia system helps turn the rear seats into a lounge, very practical business office or a proper movie theater.