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Chrysler 300C Wagon by HplusB Design

20 Jul 2015 3:18 am | Cars, Chrysler

Chrysler 300C Wagon by HplusB Design Americans tuning German cars is pretty common, but the other way round not so much. However, HplusB Design from Monheim, Germany created massive upgrades for the Chrysler 300C. The upgrades include engine tuning, new suspension, body wrap and, of course, wheels. First of all, this car is a diesel which originally had 271 hp. After adding a FG-Motorsport exhaust, carbon air box and ECU the power went up to almost 300 hp, while the…

1970 Conviction Cuda

16 May 2014 6:00 pm | Cars, Chrysler

Well, someone just made my day.. the problem is I don’t know who; so, maybe you could help me find out. In the meantime, let’s all enjoy and drool at this incredible resto-modded classic American muscle car, dubbed “Conviction Cuda.” It was initially displayed at the 2008 SEMA show, and it was custom built from the ground up from a 1970 Plymouth Barracuda, the best Cuda of all. There’s no argue this Cuda is one of the most visually stunning pro touring…