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2019 Range Rover Evoque Revealed: Detailed lowdown on new SUV

5 Feb 2019 1:30 pm | Cars, Featured, Land Rover

Land Rover has unveiled its second-generation Evoque. It might look a lot like the previous generation, but there’s actually an awful lot that’s new on this Audi Q3-rivalling car. Rachel Burgess talks us around the highlights. Check out the video from Autocar here: 

Range Rover Vogue by ARES Performance

19 Jan 2016 2:35 am | Cars, Featured, Land Rover

Range Rover Vogue by ARES Performance ARES is really managing to stand out from the other tuners, especially having in mind that many of their tuning subjects have already been tuned numerous times by many companies. This also goes for the Range Rover Vogue. The black is not the only exterior color you can choose, but it is the best in my opinion, since it gives the massive tricked-out car a meaner look that goes well with the new exterior features. These include…

Startech Land Rover Defender SI8TY

5 Oct 2015 2:34 am | Cars, Land Rover

Startech Land Rover Defender SI8TY The weirdly spelled name of the German tuner’s creation actually symbolizes several things. First of all, it celebrates 68 years of production of the Land Rover Defender, and secondly, they are making only 68 of them. The exterior has a two-color combination which includes Corris Grey Metallic and Santorini Black for the body and roof, respectively. Rear windows are noticeably tinted. As expected, the car also has been equipped with new wheels. They are now 18-inch Startech Monostar D.…

Kahn Design Range Rover Sport SDV6

6 Sep 2015 9:57 am | Cars, Land Rover

Kahn Design Range Rover Sport SDV6 Some people seem to have a problem with tuning diesel cars. I really don’t. Diesels are no longer what they used to be and they are usually good enough to compete with petrol cars in terms of performance, while still providing better fuel efficiency and giving more torque. This is why it is not a surprise that Kahn Design decided to improve the Range Rover Sport SDV6. This week, apart from getting fine performance and still not…

Kahn Design Defender Pickup with Pink Details

15 Aug 2015 10:37 am | Cars, Land Rover

Kahn Design Defender Pickup with Pink Details Unfortunately, there is no mistake in the title. Based on their previous work, we’ll give Kahn some credit and assume that this car was ordered as such, since it’s difficult to believe that they would do this to any car, let alone a Defender. Aside from the unneeded pink accents, we have to say that the car looks great. The body kit includes a new bumper with daytime running lights and darkened headlights,…

Range Rover Vogue by Forgiato Wheels

10 Aug 2015 9:12 am | Cars, Land Rover

Range Rover Vogue by Forgiato Wheels  When you see that a car has been tuned by Forgiato, you should expect all but an understated creation and this also goes for the Range Rover Vogue you can see in the pictures. Looking at other  Range Rovers, I have often wondered how big should the wheels be to look sufficient, or even big on this car and I finally got my answer. 26 inches – this is what Forgiato has installed on…

2015 Vorsteiner Range Rover Veritas by Wheels Boutique

4 Aug 2015 3:36 am | Cars, Land Rover

2015 Vorsteiner Range Rover Veritas by Wheels Boutique Vorsteiner is one my favorite tuners. What they do is create a body styling kit which perfectly complements the car’s original design, emphasizing the most prominent sections while not going too far. This is why it’s normal to see that other tuners, such as Wheels Boutique in this case, often use their kits when they want to improve a car’s looks. The kit for the Range Rover Veritas includes huge air intakes on…

2015 Land Rover Defender by Kahn Design

22 Jul 2015 5:31 am | Cars, Land Rover

2015 Land Rover Defender by Kahn Design   It is not very common to see that a tuned SUV actually remains an SUV. Even the best among them usually become beasts with lots of horsepower which usually needs to be controlled by stiffer suspension and significant lowering. However, this Land Rover Defender is a proper off road car. It is powered by a not really massive, but utterly sufficient 2.2 TDCI; it features 16 inch wheels; and it has higher suspension, steering…

Range Rover Evoque by Kahn Design

13 Jul 2015 4:01 pm | Cars, Land Rover

Range Rover Evoque by Kahn Design You can love the Evoque, or hate it, but you have to admit that it is a beautifully designed machine. This modern and unique shape of the car makes it perfect for stylish tuning upgrades and this is by no means the first Range Rover which was improved by Kahn Design. The color is Orkney Grey and it makes us wonder why there are any other colors available for the Evoque. Moreover, it goes…

Land Rover Defender Pickup Wide Track by Kahn Design

7 Jul 2015 4:50 pm | Cars, Land Rover

Land Rover Defender Pickup Wide Track by Kahn Design The first version of the Defender tuned by Kahn Design was incredibly well accepted, so it is no wonder that they have moved further and introduced more version of it. After the single cab, came the double cab, then the Flying Huntsman and, lastly, the Chelsea Wide Track. The color is Corris Grey this version is best recognized by very prominent fenders and their equally prominent bolts. Most of the other…