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McLaren MSO HS Will Make You Forget McLaren P1

14 Nov 2016 3:00 am | Cars, McLaren

McLaren MSO HS Will Make You Forget McLaren P1 The McLaren P1 is one of the boldest and most successful exercises in automotive design in recent years. Now, however, we may have come across a McLaren that looks just as good, if not better, than the P1 in the form of the lesser MSO HS edition. Limited to just 25 examples worldwide, the MSO HS is 15 times rarer than the P1 and this particular example delivered to the U.S.…

Vorsteiner Unveiled McLaren 570-VX for McLaren 570S

1 Nov 2016 5:33 am | Cars, McLaren

Vorsteiner Unveiled McLaren 570-VX for McLaren 570S Vorsteiner has just unveiled its styling package for the McLaren 570S and 570GT, turning Woking’s entry-level supercar into a head-turning, jaw-dropping monster that resembles like P1 GTR. Set to be revealed at SEMA 2016 next week, the styling upgrades start at the front end with a bespoke bumper incorporating a carbon fiber front splitter, carbon flics and tweaked carbon air intakes. A set of Vorsteiner’s owned forged wheels have also been fitted to…

Road Legal McLaren P1 GTR Looks Great

21 Oct 2016 3:26 am | Cars, McLaren

Road Legal McLaren P1 GTR Looks Great A black-on-black McLaren P1 GTR has just appeared in the used car market in the Netherlands and is so menacing it could double as the Batmobile. According to GTspirit reports that this car has an asking price of $4.3 million which to anyone other than the absurdly rich. This hypercar, power for the car comes courtesy of a 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine coupled with an electric motor and pumping out 1000 PS (986…

Purple Carbon Fiber McLaren P1 In London

21 Sep 2016 3:29 pm | Cars, McLaren

Purple Carbon Fiber McLaren P1 In London A purple carbon fiber McLaren P1 has just arrived streets of London. While this hybrid hypercar wasn’t originally available with an exposed carbon fiber skin, McLaren later announced it as an expensive option for already-delivered cars. While it isn’t known how many more P1s are currently or soon set to receive carbon fiber bodies, we think we’ve just seen this best-looking P1 to date. Pictures captured here by Henry JW Wood Photography, the…

Hypercar McLaren P1 LM

30 Jun 2016 2:32 am | Cars, McLaren

  Hypercar McLaren P1 LM McLaren Special hypercar has only 24 units of the McLaren P1 GTR to worldwide, but since this was a track-oriented hyper machine, some of the lucky customers of this incredible machine also wanted a road-legal version for real life. Moreover, a company called Lanzante has decided to convert the 986-hp beast into a hypercar that could go on public roads as well, dubbed as the McLaren P1 LM. With only five units of the P1…

2017 McLaren 570GT

25 Feb 2016 1:38 am | Cars, McLaren

2017 McLaren 570GT McLaren was planning to launch a grand touring model within its Sports Series, and now McLaren has finally confirmed the GT’s that will arrival. The 570GT is set to serve as the sensible brother to the 570S coupe and also the upcoming Sports Series spider, with a retuned and changed some suspension and more luggage space. The official line is that the GT is designed to be “the most luxurious and relaxing of any McLaren ever” although…

McLaren P1 by Impressive Wrap

9 Jul 2015 6:42 pm | Cars, Featured, Luxury Cars, McLaren

McLaren P1 by Impressive Wrap Whether you like you’re not, this Impressive Wrap’s take on the McLaren P1 is amazing. It is said that the two-tone design was influenced by the colors of a poison dart frog from the Amazon and we have to say that this is a sleek looking frog. As you can see, the car is black and yellow. The original color was black and it included beautiful black matte wheels. The stunning visual effect comes from…

McLaren P1 GTR Sounds Just So Great

24 Apr 2015 7:08 pm | Cars, McLaren, Videos

  McLaren P1 GTR Sounds Just So Great, McLaren P1 GTR was test drive by carmaker’s chief Chris Goodwin. The most potent car in the McLaren stable, It removes the Eau Rouge just like a 1,400-kg car with 986 HP should, and the sound of the twin-turbo V8 will make you wish you had this baby.

McLaren 540C: Your Affordable Model McLaren Has Arrived

21 Apr 2015 11:03 pm | Cars, Featured, McLaren

McLaren has introduced the 540C model at Auto Shanghai 2015. The great baby has arrived called McLaren 540C is the company’s “most attainable” model ever with a starting price at home in United Kingdom of £126,000. Unlike the 625C which is an Asia-only model, the McLaren 540C will be sell all over the world and it’s already available for people to order, with deliveries in early 2016. The new model is part of McLaren’s Sports Series family and shares the same twin-turbo…

McLaren MP4 12C Velocita SE by DMC

18 Mar 2015 6:02 pm | Cars, McLaren

The tuners at DMC have come up with yet another luxury project, based on a supercar. The McLaren MP4 12C “Velocita” Special Edition project has been modofied even further, with the specialists having developed an additional GT package for the automobile. According to DMC says, this car expresses tuning at its finest. Who am I to disagree with that? The garage included a lightweight carbon-fiber body-kit, a titanium exhaust system and Italian leather inside the cabin. Starting with the front, the…

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