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Tesla Revamps Pricing And Naming System For Model S And Model X

6 Feb 2019 9:02 pm | Cars, Featured, Tesla

According to Digital Trends, Tesla is reorganizing its Model S and Model X electric car trim levels. The automaker is ending its long-standing practice of using battery-pack capacity to designate trim levels, opting for a different naming scheme instead.

The all-new Tesla Roadster is Coming

30 Nov 2017 3:39 am | Cars, Tesla

The all-new Tesla Roadster is Coming We are waiting for this moment for so long, even though you didn’t even know that. Tesla used the unveiling of its long-awaited Semi to shock and awe everyone with the brand new Tesla Roadster, a car that aims to be the sportiest vehicle ever created. It’s a bold claim from Elon Musk, but he always delivers, right? Featuring a totally unique and very seductive design, the second generation of the Roadster will break…

Custom Tesla Model X With Red Interior Selling For $180K

24 Mar 2017 3:21 am | Cars, Tesla

Custom Tesla Model X With Red Interior Selling For $180K Tesla Model X get a load of this 2016 P90D model customized by T Sportline. The car is currently up on eBay, and the seller is asking for no fewer than $180,000. Of course, that’s only because there are over $60,000’s worth of modifications including a bespoke Red leather interior. Before we get into all the detail, we should mention that when new, the car cost $115,500 while also featuring…

Chromed Tesla Model S Gets Lowered At Office-K

29 Aug 2016 4:28 pm | Cars, Featured, Tesla

Chromed Tesla Model S Gets Lowered At Office-K This chrome wrap from Office-K has made a name for itself applying the mirror effect, most famously wrapping up a Mercedes SLS GTR Ferrari and Maserati in chrome wrap. But now it has completed a similar treatment on an entirely different car for Tesla. The latest project completed by the Japanese tuner for Tesla Model S enveloped in chrome. It also applied an Artisan Spirits body kit, a lowered suspension, and a…

2017 Tesla Model 3 Has Arrived for only $35,000

6 Apr 2016 1:34 am | Cars, Tesla

2017 Tesla Model 3 Has Arrived for only $35,000 Tesla has finally release the wraps off the brand’s affordable electric car, that was called Tesla Model 3, even though it’s actually the fourth car coming from the renowned electric car company. Showing off sleek looks inspired from the Model S and almost the same grille-less front end of the Model X, the new Tesla Model 3 is set to go on sale late next year for at least $35,000. Inside…

Tesla Model S R-Zentric by RevoZport

4 Mar 2015 6:11 pm | Cars, Tesla

RevoZport has allowed us to take a look at their exclusive Tesla Model S P85D fitted with the R-Zentric aero-kit. This vehicle is exceptoinal even in standard form, so the tuners had plenty to work with. Model S P85D boasts 692 hp (509 kW) and a 0 to 60 mph acceleration time of 3.2 seconds; the top speed stands at 250 km/h. The R-Zentric kit was created with the aim to deliver more downforce and grip to the car. The aim…

Tesla Model S by RevoZport

24 Nov 2014 12:00 pm | Cars, Tesla

RevoZport have done it again; the team has yet again made my day – and some lucky owners’ out theres. They’ve introduced their new styling program for the Tesla Model S, and it’s bloody marvelous. In addition, customers may also opt out for 22-inch Klassen ID forged alloys and an “R-Zentric rear entertainment console.” The latter item is essentially an iPad Mini holder with cup holders and two USB outlets. But let’s move on. The Tesla project was dubbed the…

Camo Model S by Tesla Motors & SS Customs

17 Nov 2014 12:00 pm | Cars, Tesla

I guess remembering the loved ones, neighbors or simply strangesrs that have fallen for our right to freedom is always sad. To show its support for Veterans Day in the U.S. on November 11, Tesla Motors teamed up with SS Customs to create a very special Model S adorned with a military inspired camouflage wrap. I guess electric vehicles may also enter the military, why not? This particular Tesla features a battle-ready wrap, as well as camouflaged wheels, yellow tinted…

Tesla Model S by Unplugged Performance

6 Nov 2014 12:00 pm | Cars, Tesla

the people at Unplugged Performance have made a name for themselves modifying Tesla vehicles; their projects usually draw a lot of attention. They’re now back with an offer various interior and exterior bits for the Model S. The tuner was planning on going even further and deeper with features such as a new nose section and interior upgrades, available for viewing at the 2014SEMA show. The company brought along a Model S which features its own interpretation of a sportier…

Tesla Model S Foursixteen by Saleen

2 Sep 2014 6:15 pm | Cars, Tesla

I love any car wearing a Saleen badge, but I never hoped to see it on a Tesla. This is the Saleen-tuned Tesla Model S, dubbed as the Foursixteen and starting at $152,000 – including the donor Tesla Model S P85. This means that Saleen will work their magic for about $57,430, but what about the results? There’s a pretty cool paint job, aerodynamic aggressiveness which includes a new front fascia, perforated leather, carbon fiber and so on. The Tesla…