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2020 Toyota Supra Makes It’s World Premiere

16 Jan 2019 2:18 pm | Cars, Featured, Toyota

The 2019 Detroit Auto Show is going on and that means new cars being debuted, including the 2020 Toyota Supra making it’s world premiere!

Toyota Supra 2019 review | Cayman rival prototype driven

7 Jan 2019 2:10 am | Cars, Featured, Toyota

A new straight-six, front-engined, rear-wheel-drive sports car with a 50:50 weight distribution, you say? Toyota’s reinvented Supra has got all the hallmarks of a great sports coupé, hasn’t it? Matt Prior drives a prototype to see if it goes like one too.

Toyota Aygo by Musketier

1 Apr 2015 12:00 pm | Cars, Toyota

German tuner Musketier is not really a household name, but their styling kit for the Toyota Aygo might just get them there. The Japanese city car now features a more dynamic look, as well as various sporty accessories including body cladding and a sports exhaust that makes it sound more powerful than it really is. Not bad! Among the styling accessories fitted onto this Toyota are a sporty front spoiler lip and a matching rear apron, a small roof spoiler,…

Toyota Tundra Diablo by Devolro

22 Jul 2014 12:00 pm | Cars, Toyota

No matter your preferences in super-car or off-road vehicles, you hate to admit that the factory-built Ford F-150 Raptor was a hit. What’s not to like about a street legal trophy truck with a comfy cabin for five? Since no other manufacturer has attacked this market niche, it’s up to aftermarket specialists to fill in the void and satisfy customer demand and expectations. So, the question is: how about a Toyota? no, not that Prius garbage everyone is praising, but…

2013 Scion FR-S Concept One by Bulletproof Automotive

4 Nov 2013 8:00 pm | Builds, Cars, Toyota

If you haven’t found out by know – quick, get some info on it – the four modified Scion FR-Ss heading to SEMA 2013 auto show, but there’s an extra cool Scion FR-S out there, waiting for your attention and it’s the most outlandish one being released. Dubbed the Scion FR-S Concept One, this awesome vehicle is the result of Bulletproof Automotive efforts; this is truly a unique creation and a pure racing car at that – from the outside…

Toyota GT 86 by Wald

5 Sep 2013 1:01 pm | Cars, Toyota

No racism intended, it should not come as a surprise that Japanese tuner Wald International – known for its opulent, bold tuning jobs – can transform a Toyota GT 86 like nobody else. The iconic car has not been forgotten; this is why the Toyota has received a new tuning program from the Japanese team this year. Let’s not kid ourselves, here. This new kit is actually based on an older version that has been revised and enhanced with some…

Scion FR-S by SR Auto Group

7 Apr 2013 7:21 pm | Cars, Toyota

We have a rather interesting unity, a Scion dealership has recently collaborated with the Canadian aftermarket specialist SR Auto Group for a custom version of the FR-S. The guys have fitted the car with a gorgeous wide body kit developed by Rocket Bunny. Fine enough though, the kit can’t fit a regular FR-s therefore SR Auto specialists needed to cut off parts of the rear quarter panels and the fenders in order to fit the widened fenders in. The body…

Toyota Scion iQ by SR Auto Group

17 Feb 2013 9:40 pm | Cars, Toyota

I don’t really want to offend anyone, but this car makes me giggle, quite badly. And behold, it was festooned with a new sporty package, courtesy of the Canada-based SR Auto Group. This black Scion iQ looks quite a lot better than the previous Project Pryzm to be honest, having been equipped with the gorgeous Five Axis body kit. It sports a front lip spoiler, new rear valance and redesigned side skirts. It has also been garnished with lower springs,…

Toyota GT 86 with an LF-A look by DAMD

30 Jan 2013 11:33 am | Cars, Toyota

I’m a bit intrigued, I have to admit! Many automotive enthusiasts say the Toyota GT 86 looks strikingly similar to the Lexus LF-A. Well, these cars aren’t even in the same league, if you ask me, nor in terms of performance, nor concerning looks. But here’s a gorgeous body kit that puts the Toyota closer to the LF-A. The specialists at DAMD have named their creation the Toyota LFT-86 – it’s quite easy to guest the origin of this nomination.…

Toyota 86 Sports Line by Wald International

20 Dec 2012 9:47 pm | Cars, Toyota

The newly-released Toyota 86 is becoming quite a treasure for tuning specialists worldwide. It’s now Wald International’s turn to present a styling program for the sportscar. In fact, the project was previewed back in July, but the guys are coming up with new info. Being dubbed the Sports Line Package, its price starts at around YEN 231,000, $2,755 or €2,090, and consists of redesigned side skirts, brand new rear bumper with integrated diffuser, a more aggressive front fascia, rear wing,…