Chrysler 300C Wagon by HplusB Design

20 Jul 2015 3:18 am | Cars, Chrysler


Chrysler 300C Wagon by HplusB Design

Americans tuning German cars is pretty common, but the other way round not so much. However, HplusB Design from Monheim, Germany created massive upgrades for the Chrysler 300C. The upgrades include engine tuning, new suspension, body wrap and, of course, wheels.

First of all, this car is a diesel which originally had 271 hp. After adding a FG-Motorsport exhaust, carbon air box and ECU the power went up to almost 300 hp, while the torque is at more than 630 Nm.


The new suspension comes in the form of KW variant 1 coilovers and it goes with Tomason TN1 22” dark wheels. The wheels provide perfect contrast to the light green wrap color of the car, just like the dark details such as the diffuser, fender lips and carbon fiber-resembling hood and roof foil.