Corvette C6 Yellow Line by Carlex Design

18 Jun 2015 5:47 pm | Cars, Chevrolet


Corvette C6 Yellow Line by Carlex Design

What Carlex Design have done with this Corvette C6 is absolutely amazing. The car has been altered in almost any respect so, compare it to the original model, it is better wherever you look.

Having in mind that Carlex are mostly interior specialists, the inside of the car is absolutely stunning. The seats have a very plush combination of black leather and Alcantara combined with conspicuous yellow stitching. Alcantara can also be found on the steering wheel, dashboards and door panels. What’s not covered in leather or Alcantara is actually made of carbon fiber. The interior is absolutely amazing.


On the outside the beautiful car is painted yellow, which explains the Yellow Line in the name. Beautiful and very aggressive five-spoke wheels are painted gloss black with yellow lips. Everywhere you look you can see a very fitting combination of black and yellow.

Lastly, even though the information about performance is scarce, we have learned that the V8 has been heavily modified to reach more than 1000 horsepower.