Custom Tesla Model X With Red Interior Selling For $180K

24 Mar 2017 3:21 am | Cars, Tesla

Custom Tesla Model X With Red Interior Selling For $180K

Tesla Model X get a load of this 2016 P90D model customized by T Sportline.

The car is currently up on eBay, and the seller is asking for no fewer than $180,000. Of course, that’s only because there are over $60,000’s worth of modifications including a bespoke Red leather interior.

Before we get into all the detail, we should mention that when new, the car cost $115,500 while also featuring the following extras: black leather seats ($2,500), carbon fiber decor ($1,000), six seat interior ($3,000), Ludicrous upgrade ($10,000), high amperage charger ($1,500), Autopilot ($2,500), premium interior package ($4,500), subzero weather package ($1,000) plus an accessory hitch ($200).


Add the $1,200 destination & doc fee and you get a really expensive all-electric SUV, yet one that’s capable of out-accelerating most supercars, and looking different while doing it.

As for the bespoke Red interior, it includes the reupholstered lower dash, center console, armrests, plus the door panels/front seats/second & third row in perforated leather with signature diamond stitching.