Ducati 749 By Gustavo Penna

1 Jul 2014 12:00 pm | Bikes, Ducati

I’m not a super-bike fan; I prefer the bike the T-101 rode in the Terminator: Judgement Day – I got the jacket, I”m working on the muscles, so all I need is the bike. I will admit, however, that this modified Ducati is so awesome I wouldn’t mind seeing it in the next Terminator movie. This is the Ducati 749 by Gustavo Penna, a cinematographer who shoots car commercials in Los Angeles.

It seems Gustavo is a Ducati fanatic, who decided to leave the Ducati all naked, but definitely not vulnerable-looking. The mechanical beauty of the Italian craftsmanship was amplified  with things like that unique headlight; it started of as a 749 stock unit, but after some cutting, trimmed and restyling, the powder-coat transformed it into one hell of a night light..

The engine has been replaced with a 749R model, lighter and more powerful especially after race-spec cams and larger titanium valves were fitted. The Ducati now faetures a race-spec slipper clutch and thermal-coated belt pulleys as well. The engine was connected to a new exhaust system, constructed out of titanium using NASA  technologies, like fluid dynamics programs and 3D printers. The new exhaust is kept cool by an injection-molded air diffuser that prevents heat build-up at low speeds.

Gustavo calls his Ducati 749 “Francesca,” and she’s already attracted quite a bit of attention. One replica is almost ready to hit the streets, and two more commissions are in the works, including a 999 version. No clue on pricing, although true Ducati fans will probably ignore the price-tag and go straight to Gustavo for their very own custom project.