Ducati 999s Testastretta by Venier Customs

31 Jan 2014 12:00 pm | Bikes, Ducati

The 2003 Ducati 999s Testastretta is one hell of a bike! There’s no other way to describe it, but Stefano Venier thought he could to better than the famous Italian buidler, and I’m pretty sure he did. Here is the result of his modifications, his latest creation, the Ducati 999VX. After eliminating all the unnecessary parts – according to Stefano – the bare and aggressive new Ducati was eager to show off the might beneath the old bodywork. Besides, the main goal of all this work to bring the track-minded Ducati onto the streets, legally and for everybody’s enjoyment.

The tail of the bike has to be redone, due to the integrated custom seat fitted on the bike. I just love that rear light embedded in the hump, it’s sexy and adds to an overall clean look. Venier also fiddled around the Ducati and left no parts untouched, managing to keep the VX looking tidy and uncluttered. The Ducati features a STM EVO clutch, Discacciati front brakes, Ducati GT1000 laced wheels, and a quickshifter system that adds more performance.

How much performance, you ask? Well, the RapidBike ECU increased the power over 150hp. The exhaust is a unique blend between Termignoni headers and a Zad can. It must be stated that the only thing that manages to escape Stefano’s improvements is the tank.. that’s a Ducati stock part. So, what do you think?