Ducati Diavel Carbon by FCR

20 Jan 2014 6:51 pm | Bikes, Ducati

We’re used to being astounded by FCR and their awesome jobs of upgrading motorcycles with high-performance parts, so there’s no surprise we love their latest project. This time, it’s a Ducati Diavel Carbon brought in for just a few fine touches.

So, what happened with this Ducati? Well, one of the modifications was changing the foot controls with aftermarket ones. The rear sets comes from Tamburini and seem to modify the riding position. Please note that the Diavel rider will enjoy this mod only if his/her height is up to 6′. Taller than that and the ride becomes a bit tricky.

Another complex job was creating a new exhaust line for the new Termignoni dual-can silencer. So, now the Ducati looks like it features stock exhaust, but actually the new exhaust pipes serve the new silencer perfectly. Not much work, if you think of it, but you know what they say.. the Devil is in the details!