Ducati Diavel KH9 by Roland Sands

12 Nov 2013 6:00 pm | Bikes, Ducati

Anyone seen Dredd? Sure, the new version everyone knows about, but I love Stallone better; how about CHiPs? Movie enthusiasts – and gadget one, as well – are probably aware of where I’m going with this. For those of you who don’t, just check out the bikes in them titles and then imagine them combine into the awesome, alien-like looking Ducati you see before you.

Roland Sands is the name behind this part super-bike, part power cruiser motorcycle; initially a Ducati Diavel, this spiced up bike really reveals a cool, yet unexplored, side of the Italian beast. Actually – not to burst anyone’s bubble – Roland has been working on a full rebuild of the Ducati Diavel and, although a complete bike never saw the daylight, the parts have aided in the construction you see before you.

This particular kit comprises parts for the Diavel, combining RSD and Rizoma components, and that awesome custom paint job. A multitude of carbon fiber parts were also fitted on this modified Ducati, but although while looking at this bike I consider it close to perfection, Roland disagrees; that’s why he’s looking towards the future and his next bike, one that he wants to be built around this machine’s power plant. Can’t wait to see that Ducati!